She is always there to support when you need it. She is the most patient person I encountered. It will take a lot of time before she is giving up. She clearly has a lot to do that I can handle what I do. Funny and have both feet on earth. Absolutely wonderful is she, my Petra
When I tell people how wonderful you are, they are always as surprised at how kind and understanding you are. Friends and acquaintances raise their eyebrows shockingly and say positively “Oh, what wonderful wife you have! Lucky you!”. There is nothing, really nothing, I am so grateful for as that you made the choice to live with me for the rest of my life. No words in the world can describe my gratitude over all these years we get together that other family’s don´t. Thank you, so thank so very much, because you choosed to be mine age at the age of 18. Thank you for the career and other dreams set aside for the dream of forming a family. Thank you for us having so many years together. Time together is the most important thing we have. Thank you for being my best friend and wife just as much and at the same time. I was actually not sure it could be both. I could never in my wildest imagination understand that it was possible. That one and the same person can be both my safest place, the person to whom I’ve made my life and the person I’d rather laugh with – that’s quite damn incredible. You are everything. There is no one who has such a beautiful laugh as you Petra – it’s addictive and when I see that, I understand directly why I fell in love with you. I now understand the feeling that I received the first time saw you, looked at you for a minute and then I thought: “WOW what girl!” I could fill the whole page with praise for you. I can fill each page with my love for you. I love you infinity and will always do it. And above all I am grateful. You are the safest person I know, and your arms are always open to everything. I know nobody who takes care of people like you. When someone needs to be small, you always show weakness. You do not judge anyone.
I look forward to the future with you. It will be a pleasure to grow with you.

All trips we will make, places we will see, things we will experience.

Here are our Boys!

Oscar is 10 years old who likes to sit in front of the computer and the Xbox. He loves to build lego and is really good at reading books. When we work out, Oscar is great and has no problems, for example, to run far. He may be a little cheeky at first but only he gets going, then it’s going to be great (longest distance 4.5 km)

Gustav is 6 years old and loves to come up with things, on both good and evil. He likes to cook, and the favorite food is Korvstroganoff. For some reason, he also likes to tear out all clothes in his wardrobe in pursuit of what he feels wear for the moment. Gustav is also training but can get a little bit bored but then we help to make the exercise more enjoyable.

Both my children have performed competitions such as Ironkids and Tjörn Triathlon