My competition history do not start until 2013
My contestants did not start competing with anyone but myself and this happened during a half marathon, Göteborgsvarvet May 18, 2013 as I ran into goal at the time 2.04


After the Göteborgsvarvet, I immediately realized that this was a “kick” in the right direction, so now I felt it was time for something bigger in my hunt for the Ironman Medal. That’s when a En Svensk Klassiker (four diffrent competitions in one year)  appeared in my head, and this started with 3km swimming in Vansbro on July 7th, where I reached the finish line (breaststroke) in 1.01.

Next race in the program also became a sub goal

En Svensk Klassiker, 2013-09-28 Lidingöloppet 30km trailrun at 3:09

2013 ended with a 2000 meters indoor rowingcompetition