My adventures in 2018

The plan for now is that I will participate in 3 different races in 2018, this will be the most challenging year so far.

First competition in the season, I run the Göteborgsvarvet half marathon, and I have no expectations at all. It has become a nice recurring event. So probably I will aim to run and just smile and flourish. Because in my plan there is no full race this year.

Göta Kanal Run 2018!! (link)

I have received a happy message that I have been accepted as one of those 25 persons in Sweden who will be able to run a total of about 200 km, 5 marathons in 5 days along the entire Göta Kanal this summer. Göta Kanal Run is not a usual contest, more a way to influence and motivate others with different backgrounds and futures.

Great people doing what they love!

World Championship in Ultra Triathlon!

Going Ultra! The biggest physical challenge of the year and my life will be the World Championship in the Ultra Triathlon (3X ironman) 11.4km swim, 540km bike ride and 126.6km run. All this is done in a row, starting July 27 at 7:00 and continuing until you finish or for a maximum of 3 days.

I will swim 228 lengths in a 50m pool, bike 67 laps on an 8km lane and then run 96 laps on the runway which is 1.32km.

How can you not just love that idea?