Starting with another part in En Svensk Klassiker, a small parenthesis is that the first time i sood on a pair of skies was 2 months before the race.

90km crosscountry ski in 12:10h

2014-05-17  it was time for Göteborgsvarvet half marathon again this time 11 minutes faster and hit the finishline in 1.53 11 minits better then last year
Two weeks later I ran to the Stockholm Marathon, where after halfwayin both of my thights so i had to walk. hit the finishline at 4:40.

Ge Aldrig Upp!  (Never give up)

But what matters most to me during this race was the T-shirt I gave to my mom in the 60th birthday present! It says: My mom thinks i’m awesome, shall she say that survived cancer

Then came June 14th, Vätternrundan 300km of biking and the last puzzle piece on En Svens Klassiker would be put in place, starting time 1:44. I can not describe how it feels to experience when the night turns to day in an incredible sunrise seen from the saddle, in goal after 12 hours 27 mins and the En Svensk Kassiker medal was safe.
The day before Midsummers eve, I made my Triathlon debut in
3City Triathlon’s own competition
“Midsommar sprinten” and won the exercise class.
Tjörn Triathlon! My first major Triathlon competition,  1.9 km swim, 90 km bike and 21 km run. I can best describe this as “learning”, i got a lot of beating in the swim and it was quite boring weather on the bike wind and rain but what ??? But i got some  sun when i ran.
In goal of 5h 21min